There are a host of bet-markets to choose from when playing online sports betting, and one of the features that has been around for ages and is popular with some punters due to the low risk nature of the punt, is a tactic called ‘surebet’.

There are a thousands of betting bookmakers and all post odds on various sporting events and a surebet is a method of guaranteeing a win by placing wagers at different sportsbook platforms after finding that some are priced fractionally differently.

These punters can place a far higher stake and while the pay-out is small based on fractional odds a win is ostensibly guaranteed. This is a long term strategy and can take place while playing more odds-stacked wagers in between the core component of surebets.

Another term for this form of punting is known as the arbitrage system and takes its key roots from the financial sector. This is a more advanced form of game play, and uses the mathematical quirks in bookmaker odds to almost exploit the market, by placing wagers that often do not accurately reflect the true value of the bet.

In terms of sports betting and how best to utilise this system it will see a punter spreading money on all possible outcomes to guarantee a profit regardless of scores.

Basically this means placing a wager on all possible outcomes, meaning the losing bets will be covered by the winning bet. This system is not as easy to pull off as it sounds, as there is a substantial research and time needed to take advantage of this system.

The crux of surebet is to benefit from slight differences between different online sports betting sites and other bookmakers and covering all the outcomes. If a smart punter finds a fraction better odds on say for example Man City playing Liverpool, then they can make a profit.

They can place a punt on Man City to win at home on one site, a draw on another and an away win for Liverpool on a third. If after careful research three platforms are found that will see a guarantee profit then punters can make allowance for this and not lose.

Bookmakers are smart, extremely smart and the European and Asian bet-markets are almost perfectly aligned with regard to odds, but punters with a penchant for mathematics, fractions and have tonnes of time on their hand, there are possibilities at a guaranteed profit.

With technological advances and entrepreneurial spirt booming there are sites and software programmes available that can assist punters in looking for the slightest discrepancy.

The surebet philosophy is to make sure the punter stays ahead of the bookmaker and the margins.

This is not a fast way to make huge paydays each bet, but if a punter makes a large wager then the guaranteed winnings will be relative, and relatively big.

An example of surebetting can be explained by use of an example; in this case we will take a tennis match between Roger Federer and Raphael Nadal. In tennis a match cannot be a draw so this example is basic and will explain the essence.

One bookmaker will have Federer to win at 9/10 and another site has him to win at 6/5.

The first bookmaker has Nadal to win at 1/1 and the second site has Nadal to win at 7/10.

The math dictates that a punter staking 100 and 90 respectively on each player at a different site will yield 8 profit.

Like I said, this is for good mathematician-like punters, who can spot a surebet.

The prospect of finding such bets are becoming more rare though as many bet sites using the same bookmaker technology, so the tech is sold to different brands and the odds are the same.

There will be discrepancies if punters use software and troves of research but there are other issues to take into consideration, like changing odds (if you took bet ion affixed odds or not) as well as voids. There are also maximum betting limits and these vary from site to site, so there is no chance of winning millions despite making the highest possible bet. This is a long-term strategy, and patience, a quick eye and a decent software programme can ensure a guaranteed profit.

Sure betting is legal but the practise is discouraged by bookmakers, who will state in their terms and conditions that bets could be voided if the activity is noticed and red-flagged.

This can lead to voided bets and banning from sites. Still it is not easy for bookmakers to notice this type of sure betting so the chances of being caught out is small, but it is still there.

Another factor is that sports betting is supposed to be entertaining, thrilling, and there must be chances to win substantial sums with small stakes. And not many punters will buy software, study algorithms, and take a chance of being caught for a practise that will yield a profit over a long term. It goers against the grain of the nature of betting.