SuperPicks Predictions

SuperPicks is a sports betting jackpot game that is available to all sports lovers in Nigeria. With SuperPicks, anyone is free to enter into the weekly contests and compete for a grand jackpot prize of N50,000,000! Anyone who wants to get a better understanding and appreciation of SuperPicks simply need to continue reading this review.

What is SuperPicks and how is it played

SuperPicks is a sports betting jackpot game. When it comes to this game, players each week during the course of the premier league season are afforded the chance to make predictions for six preselected matches. To make the predictions, players need to use the match result betting market. Its also possible to opt for the correct score betting market. The objective when playing the game is to make as many correct predictions as possible. Each correct prediction made will see the player receive game points. Players with the highest points at the end of the round (weekly fixtures) will win instant cash prizes and the player who makes six correct score predictions will walk away with the grand prize!

Players who opt for the correct score market when placing their bets will receive 5 points for each correct prediction. Only 90 minutes of regulation times are considered when it comes to awarding points. Players who opt for the match result market will receive 2 points for each correct prediction. Zero points are awarded for incorrect predictions whether one is using the correct score market or the match result market. As players can see from this, the correct score market carries the highest number of points hence when looking to win that prestigious jackpot, the best route to take is to go for the correct score market.

Its possible that two or more players may score the same number of points. When this happens to the leading players, a tiebreaker is used to determine the player who will be awarded the round’s biggest prize. Each time the player makes his six predictions for the round, an opportunity is presented to answer the tiebreaker question. The question asks the player to predict the time (minute) in which the first goal will be scored across the six participating matches. The player who will have predicted correctly (or was closest to) the actual time of the first goal will be placed highest hence win the big prize.

SuperPicks Prizes

We have already stated that there is a grand jackpot prize of N50,000,000 awarded when a player makes six correct score predictions. When two or more players achieve this feat, the tiebreaker is used to determine the jackpot winner.

Players ought to note that if any fixture from the six is postponed, abandoned or not fulfilled, the grand jackpot prize is reduced to N5,000,000. If two fixtures are postponed, abandoned or not fulfilled, the grand prize is further reduced to N2,500,000. If three or more fixtures are not fulfilled, the grand prize is not awarded.

During each round when a jackpot prize is not won, there is a guaranteed prize awarded to the player with the most points on the leaderboard. The guaranteed prize is a whooping N1,000,000.

How much does it cost to play SuperPicks?  

One of the most beautiful attributes of SuperPicks is the fact that the game is free of charge! Players don’t have to deposit any funds to start playing the game. All that they need to do is to visit the official SuperPicks site, make their predictions for the upcoming round and register their accounts to enter into the contest. If their predictions turn out correct, they will scoop some juicy payouts to use in whatever way they deem necessary!

How to register an account on Superpicks

There are two ways in which players can register an account at SuperPicks. First, players may just search for and launch the SuperPicks official site. Once over there, head over to the PLAY page and make your predictions. Afterwards, the site will automatically direct you to the registration page where you have to register your account for your predictions to be entered into the contest. Alternatively, players may just register their accounts first before they start playing the game. to do this, players need to follow the registration steps below:

  • Launch the official SuperPicks site
  • Navigate to the top part of the homepage and click on the SIGN IN/JOIN button
  • Once redirected to the registration page, input your mobile phone number and click on the SUBMIT button
  • Proceed to input your full name, address, and date of birth
  • Agree to SuperPicks’ Terms and Conditions
  • Wait for the SMS code and once it arrives, input it on the registration page to activate your account.

SuperPicks Mobile App

SuperPicks at the current moment does not have any mobile app. However, the site explicitly states that its busy working on great Android and iOS applications hence it’s a matter of just exercising patience as SuperPicks works its magic.

Customer Support Platforms

When players have any queries or are in need of help, they can easily get in contact with SuperPicks’ customer support agents at the following support platform:

Important game rules to keep in mind at all times

  1. There are six fixtures comprising a round
  2. To participate in a round, you must submit your predictions before the start of the first game in each round
  3. Each round in the SuperPicks promotion closes at the kick-off time of the first fixture of each round
  4. Players can edit their predictions as many times as they want before the betting window for the round closes
  5. Players are only awarded one entry per round
  6. In case of identical points scored at the end of the round, the tiebreaker is used to separate players
  7. When one or two fixtures are postponed, abandoned or not fulfilled, the grand prize is reduced. However, if three or more fixtures are postponed, abandoned or not fulfilled, the grand prize is not awarded at all
  8. 5 points are awarded for each correct score prediction. 2 points are awarded for each correct match result prediction. The maximum number of points scored in any round is 30 points.