Daily Treble Tips

There are a glut of online sports betting sites in Nigeria that offer a wide diversity of bet-opportunities, with chances for punters to pick up significant earnings. Almost every sportsbook and horse-racing platform offer a daily treble, which is a three-legged punt on a trio of sporting bets.

The daily treble is extremely popular with football punters, with the aim to pick three outcomes from a wide selection of markets.

The daily treble is not confined to football, and can be taken from all sporting codes, and cross-code betting is also a top-notch option.

To win a daily treble a punter must play a multiple bet consisting of three selections, and in this form all three must be predicted to win the wager.

The odds are higher and are set according to the more legs a punter plays. With the treble, the returns of the first wager is rolled over to the 2nd and then on to the third leg.

A football example is finding three likely games a punter fancies and selects an outcome ion the three of them; Man City to draw with Liverpool, Newcastle to defeat Brighton and Arsenal to defeat Tottenham Hotspurs away from home.

An example of a cross-sport bet is to pick the winner of the latest Tyson Fury boxing match, Federer to defeat Nadal and Man City to defeat Burnley.

Daily trebles are extremely popular and with a smallish stake a large pot can be won. This is basically an accumulator bet. In horse-racing picking the winners of three races also forms part of the daily treble.