Bet9Ja ESports

eSports is increasingly becoming more and more popular by the day and quite frankly the sky is the limit for this lucrative industry. 

What is eSports?

eSports is a form of professional competitive video gaming where professional teams compete in popular video games. The E-Sports Industry has grown immensely and is now very organised and lucrative as well.
eSports are hosted by streaming services like Twitch and YouTube, and millions of people are now watching these games live on these media platforms.

What is eSports Betting?

The rise and popularity of E-Sports has prompted the gambling industry to see a gap for E-Sports betting, where punters can actually bet on the E-Sports. 
Esports Betting or Electronic Sports Betting is a form of betting where punters bet on the outcome of people betting on electronic games. 
Most bookmakers are now offering esports and more and more punters are beginning to see e-sports as a real betting alternative to real Sports Betting, Lottos and Casinos.

Does Bet9ja offer eSports?

As one of the leading bookmakers in Nigeria, Bet9ja is one of the bookmakers to quickly tap into the E-Sports betting products , offering a number of E-Sports games for their punters to bet on. Currently Bet9ja is offering these E-Sports ;
ESports ESoccer
ESports Call of Duty
ESports CS:GO
ESports Dota 2
ESports LOL
ESports Overwatch
ESports StarCraft

The games listed above are a collection of a lot of games , For example, ESports ESoccer consists of a lot of games like eSports Battle – Champions League, eSports Battle – Europa League, eSports Battle – Night Champions League, eSports Battle – Night English Premier League and eSports Battle – Night Euro 2020 amongst other games.

How To Bet on eSports on Bet9ja?

Betting on E-Sports on the Bet9ja website is basically the same as placing any other bet, if you are familiar with online betting of any form, you can easily place an E-sports bet without any difficulty at all.
You must be a registered Bet9ja client in order to place bets on the Bet9ja online betting platform, If you want to register, simply do so online by clicking on the yellow ‘Register’ link on the Bet9ja homepage’s main menu
After logging into your bet9ja account, you will find your E-Sports games on the left side of the three column bet09ja homepage. After selecting the game of your choice, make your selections, input your desired stake and submit your bet.

Bet9ja eSports Betting Markets

There is quite a considerable number of betting markets on the Bet9ja betting platform for a their games.
ESports Soccer Markets are 1X2 DC(1X2) Over/Under 2.5
ESports Call Of Duty 1 / 2
ESports CS:GO 1 / 2
ESports Dota 2 1 / 2
ESports LOL 1 / 2
ESports Overwatch 1 / 2
ESports StarCraft 1 / 2